New Possibilities

The Engage line of service grew out of numerous projects for our clients over the years. We've built and hosted many Internet based business applications. Here is a list of our most prevalent.

The parts came together for us. And you!

- Lead management
- Customer relationship management
- Pricing quote building and delivery systems
- Customer experience systems (Continuous Customer Satisfaction)
- Social media integration

In many cases, some, or all, of the above were integrated into a complete business management system, combining customer acquisition, needs assessment, and sales documents, all with an easy way to communicate them via email and text.

And you can use it to augment all your web channels!
- Websites
- Marketing mail
- Social media
- Banner ads

So we can offer businesses of any size customized, professional grade software for just the cost of hosting! (Rather than some canned, one size fits all solution offered elsewhere.)

Engage is powered by the LogicDepot Application Development Platform, based on our long running market research engine.

How can we do that?

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