How Can We Do That!?

It used to be hard, but not anymore.

How can we develop a custom business application that runs on any Internet connected device for no cost?

Simply put, our years of experience coupled with our Application Development Platform. For over 20 years, LogicDepot continuously improved what started as a research tool used by market research organizations to deploy online surveys. Then we realized that every business has questions! So we expanded our reach (and platform) to all businesses, of any size!

Our platform combines several technologies into easily reusable functions to use in building secure web apps!
- Question Engine for feedback management that easily validates and manipulates data as needs
- Communication System to easily send messages or documents via browser, email, or text
- Integration options to move data to and from other systems
- All components (and developed systems) are hosted by a top their ISP for security, reliability, and simplicity!

So we can offer businesses of any size customized, professional grade software for just the cost of hosting! (Rather than some canned, one size fits all solution offered elsewhere.)

Based on how many applications we include in your integration, you will pay a low fixed amount per month (typically $100-$200), quarter, or annually. We can, of course, provide additional automation and reports to suit your needs, but these may require analysis, design, and configuration. We can easily review these needs and price out these services. We'd love to walk you through the whole process to get a full picture of all the system benefits.

And in a nod to our Virginia clients, our solutions are made right here in the Commonwealth where our company is also located! 

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