How Can We Do That!?

It used to be hard, but not anymore.

How can we develop such custom business application that runs on any Internet connected device for no cost?

Simply put, our years of experience coupled with our Application Development Platform. For over 20 years, LogicDepot continuously improved what started as a research tool used by market research organizations to deploy online surveys. Then we realized that every business has questions! So we expanded our reach (and platform) to all businesses, of any size!

Then, I bought a hot tub from Chris Miller of in 2019. I quickly saw some straight forward ways to improve the sales process, communication, and tracking using our platform. So we worked together and built a few apps that work on any internet enabled devices  to let you  and your prospects work from anywhere at any time to move a sale forward! 

And here is what we have so far!

Lead Management System: Easily handles leads delivered from corporate.   With a few pieces of  information, our system generates a personalized email with marketing collateral included. It also links to a Lead Qualification spa assessment app to the serious prospect can deliver additional information about their spa interest directly to you.  All accessible by your team for tracking.

Spa configuration and order worksheet app: Quick pick your line and model, add options, send a quote via email to your prospect. In about three minutes!   Automate links for product information, prospect questions, and order confirmation (with email and text alerts). 

Order worksheet templates:  Easily edit an order worksheet as needed. Or copy from an existing one.  Additionally, you can store pre-configured spa packages to copy from and use! 


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